Friday, September 26, 2014

Life of an Engineer in India

Nowadays, Everyone is keen on pursuing their studies in Engineering. Tom wants to be a Mechanical Engineer, Dick wants to be an Electrical Engineer and last but not the least Harry wants to be a Civil Engineer.

In India, 15 Lac (approx.) people (Students) enroll themselves in over 3000+ engineering colleges for various Engineering courses. Outrageous!

Where do all these people go when they finish their courses and become Engineers? Are they really called Engineers? Do they deserve to be called engineers? - may be - who knows?

Very few among Millions, get placed in good Core companies, Some flee to Gulf or western countries to find work there and after many struggle they finally end up getting a job , Some pursue Higher education, Some of them end up in BPOs, ITOs, some do odd jobs to pay their education loan back, Some end up in Colleges & become lecturers or as they call it Faculty members (like me, LOL)...Many end up Jobless, roaming here and there, dropping their resumes/CVs at each company door-steps (the Photocopy and Print charges they pay during Job hunt will be equal to their semester fees). 

Why do these situation arise?  Why most of Indian Engineers are Job-less? Is it because of the corrupt system? Is it because of the exam/result oriented education system? or Is it because of the hard luck?- The question mark never fades away!

Recently i read in a Blog that 90%  of Indian engineers are Unemployed (GOSH!)...(Not sure about the Statistics, some say 70%, 80%.. But on an average 65-70% engineering graduates are unemployed), Three months ago I was one of those (Psst!) .

There are many reasons for this outrageous and ridiculous Unemployment rate, the following are some of them;

  1. Bachelor of Engineering/ Technology has become one of the most popular degree which is under demand by most of the  people of India.  Many of  colleges are not equipped with proper lab facilities, but when Board/ University inspector come to inspect the college- everything works "Under the Table" and some colleges may suffer without proper lecturers.  This is one of the major reasons for the Unemployed Engineering graduates.
  2. Education System in some colleges/Universities are not up to the standard. The topics covered in almost all the University Syllabus are Obsolete and Non-practical. None of the syllabus are upgraded to the current or recent trends/technologies. For example, I finished my B.E in 2013 and most the subjects/topics i learned are not at all used in Industries or in real-time application, 75%  of the topics included in our syllabus were obsolete, even before we started learning those. If you refer VTU- E&E Engineering - Electrical Drawing 2006 syllabus ( 2006-2013)- AUTO-CAD applications/ usage was never included in that, there was only a small theory(Basics) part about Auto-CAD (20%) . We were taught the conventional Drawing   (Drafting), when whole world outside in real-time was using AUTO-CAD and many technologies far better... So Sad!. In most of the interviews I attended, interviewer asked me about the courses/subjects which were not at all there in the syllabus we learned. And funniest part was that- two of the interviewers even asked me to do other Certificate courses.( My Engineering Degree was no use for them- It was just a basic qualification) 
  3. Parent Pressure!- plays a major role. Even if children are not interested, parents force them to pursue engineering. They(Children) might be interested in Art/Music/ Law/Commerce... and they might be even good at it. But No!!, Neighbor's Son is doing B.E, you too pursue B.E.  My colleagues daughter is a B.E graduate and now she's a Software Engineer in Infosys... even my daughter will be a Software Engineer and she will work in Microsoft, a company better than Infosys! Parental Competition.. DUhhh.. Pathetic!  And the end result,  they fail in B.E and if they pass, they'll end up in a BPO, IPO or at home searching for jobs, wasting their time in Job portals. 
  4. Management Quota!!! the major reason for ruining life of students. What happens if student with 35% aggregate in 12th is admitted into Engineering College?? His/her parents have loads of money to spend, so they pay Lacs together to get him/her a management quota seat in one of the reputed Engineering Colleges.  No Entrance Exam- No Interviews.  They( Management Kota-Sikkas) might not be good in basics, or might not even be knowing basics of subjects like Mathematics, English, Physics, Chemistry at all. Whereas it is imperative to know the basics of  Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry to lay the foundation to be a good and successful Engineer. 
  5. Les Job opportunity and Minimal vacancies in Companies is also a major reason. There are very less number of manufacturing companies, Industries, IT companies in India when compared to number of Engineering graduates passed out every year. 

There are may other reason behind the outrageous growth of Unemployed Engineering graduates in India, The List goes On! 

I think that the Government of India alone cannot tackle this problem, we the students, the faculty, the college management, parents, society should start thinking about it. The Government/ education ministry must start regulating the colleges/ Universities by laying out some norms and rules on admissions, by preparing a blueprint to enhance the quality of technical education provided.  

Finally, We -that is I, You, Him and Her -  should start thinking and finding out what's best for our children, the youth- Engineering is not only the option, there are many other professional courses- like Law, Accounting, Finance, Civil Services, Armed Forces and much more. It's time to create awareness. Wake up! 

"Har bete ya beti ko Engineer bana na Zaroori nahi hai"


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Gr8 work Aachii! ! Keep up d good work...😊😊😊 Appreciated (gratitude)😇

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Thank You Zo Sha..

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Good one achi. Hope evrytg wil chnge one day..

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Thank You Jason.. hope so.. :)

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!ncredible India..

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People won't realize until they experience few things

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These words in your blog is by experience . But 99% of people will not understand what you have written until they experience it themselves

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Hope at least 1% of people understand what you have written & take the right decision.

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Hope so Abhinandan.. I just wrote what I have experienced.. and yeah, if at least 1% people understand and create the awareness, then youth of next generation won't have to face the problems we faced. Thank You for your valuable comments.